Karval Community Alliance

Mountain Plover Festival

The Karval Community Alliance is a non-profit organization founded in 2006 to promote Karval, Colorado.

NEXT MEETING: April 9th – 7 pm Karval Community Building

The Alliance promotes development in the Karval community and tries to take advantage of public and private partnerships to bring people and economic activity to the town.

The Alliance is registered with the IRS as a 501 (c )(3) organization. Contributions to the organization are tax deductible on federal income tax returns. The Alliance also acts as a pass-through for funds for other non-profit groups in the area, such as the Karval Food Pantry and the Ranchers and Wildlife (RAW) program.

The Karval community and Lincoln County are part of an Economic Enterprise Zone. Contributions to the Alliance will qualify the donor for tax credits in Colorado.


The Alliance can be contacted either at Karval Community Alliance, P.O. Box 37, Karval, CO, 80823 or through one of our directors:

Dan Merewether, President

Frances Maskus, Vice President
Debbie Kravig, Treasurer
Katie Zipperer, Secretary
Jeff Thornton
John Davis
Ryan Parker
Meeting Minutes
Click Here For Meeting Minutes
P.O. Box 37
CO 80823

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